From the beginning Altergon Italia has invested in Research, Development and Innovation to develop and consolidate the know-how that today have become the core business of the production plants.

Altergon Italia constantly invests a significant part of its resources in Research and Development to innovate and expand the range of its products. The commitment in R&D allowed us to implement technologies, protected by patent, in the field of biotechnology as well as traditional pharmaceutics. Altergon Italia continues to extend and improve, with a direct presence, its network of techno-scientific partnerships with major research centres in national and international universities, centres of excellence and industrial partners in Europe, Russia, USA and in the Far East (China - Japan).


  • Biotech pilot plant for new polymers bacterial fermentation and purification
  • Laboratory of Process and Product Design (nanotechnology, polymer complexes, Drug Delivery System)
  • Pilot laboratory for the development of Microneedles Technology


5% of the Altergon Italia team is directly involved in R&D and consists of highly qualified human resources with high schooling (50% PhD). Applying the principles of Quality by Design they develop new know-how and new products, the latter then subject to technology transfer.